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Waterproofing & Wood Stains

Waterproofing, paint and stain
Buy your waterproofing and wood stains here at Watauga Building Supply in Boone NC.

If you go to all the trouble of building something from wood, it makes sense to protect it. That's where waterproofing wood products matter most. At Watauga Building Supply get expert advice on the best ways to waterproof your deck or other wood structures. All it takes is a quick phone call or e-mail to us for more information today.

Wood Stains

Not only do wood stain colors show off your personal style, they also go a long way in protecting your wood structures. Whether it's a deck for entertaining or a fence to provide some privacy, you'll find a number of waterproof / wood stains at Watauga Building Supply. Come check out our collection of waterproofing products and beautiful stains today.