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Purina Mill Feed Store

animal feed
Stocking Purina products to feed your livestock and domesticated animals in Boone NC.

If you run a farm or you have pets you love, then you know the foods you feed them are important to their well-being. That's why in addition to building supplies, Watauga also offers a feed store with Purina Mills products. For example, rather than trying to find Purina horse feed dealers or feed stores around town, you can come here. You’ll also find cow feed, deer feed, etc. In fact, our feed types include:


  • horse
  • goat
  • cattle
  • wildlife
  • rabbit
  • swine
  • poultry
  • fish & aquatics
  • dairy
  • exotics
  • wild
  • bird
  • lab
  • diet

For over a century, Purina has been making nutritious and balanced food. If your animals’ health, well-being and happiness are important to you, check out our selection of livestock and domesticated foods from Purina Mill. As always, if you’re curious about our any of our products simply call or email us. We’re happy to address any questions if you contact us directly.