Hardware and Construction Materials in Boone NC

Find hardware and other construction materials like these at Watauga Building Supply in Boone NC.
Get your hardware and other construction materials at Watauga Building Supply today.

Watauga Building Supply has hardware for anything such as locks, doors, cabinets, washrooms; you name it. If you’ve got odds and ends you need to pick up to finish your latest project, there are plenty of construction materials to choose like caps, bases, construction connectors, jack posts, joist hanger, mending plates, nail stops / plates and structural straps… to name a few. So whether it’s commercial or house building materials you need, you'll find them here.


For years, Watauga Building Supply helps contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners get the job done. Not only will you find the parts you need, you'll also discover building advice from an experienced staff. So if you know exactly what you want, or you're not sure, let us get the right hardware and construction materials for your job. Contact us or stop in today.