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Windows and Doors in Boone NC

Anderson windows and doors
Replacing windows and doors starts with finding the right supplier, like Watauga Building Supply.

Replacing windows isn't a simple task. That's why having the right windows and doors supplier makes a difference. While we can offer you superior windows from makers like Andersen, you'll also get sound advice so your project will go off without a hitch. Come see for yourself why you need Watauga Building Supply before your next window project, by contacting us today.

Standard and Custom Doors

Sometimes a standard door fits your location perfectly. However, even with creative mill work, custom doors are still inevitable. That's why Watauga Building Supply offers both options. There are a multitude of interior and entry doors for you to choose. Plus, if you have something in mind that you don't see immediately, Watauga can order it for you. Come find out why contractors and homeowners alike turn to us for all of their windows and doors, by contacting us today.